About Us

Tradecoin24 is a global, contract-based trading platform for digital currency. It has a professional management team that provides a robust trading system, secure and stringent fund management, and courteous services.

Tradecoin24 was established in 2017 and has operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States, South Korea, Japan, etc., in addition to its headquarters in Seychelles. With the development of blockchain technology and the rise in popularity of artificial intelligence technology, an increasing number of users have an investment demand for digital assets, but the access barrier is too high, and zero-based users are unaware of their initial contact.

Tradecoin24 promotes a low-threshold, low-cost, and simple-to-understand method that enables users to take the crucial first step and execute investment transactions quickly and easily.

Tradecoin24 provides procedural and systematic trading solutions for senior blockchain asset investors, and encourages them to make more rational professional investment decisions in a self-disciplined, programmable, and verifiable manner. We offer digital currency futures margin trading contracts to our consumers. Margin futures contracts do not have a futures maturity date. As long as there is sufficient margin in the account or until the contract is traded again, the customer may retain the contract. Margin trading is a form of financial market speculation that employs leverage to magnify investment.

Customers can establish market position through the use of leverage instruments. The consumer is only required to invest the initial deposit; they are not required to invest the full amount necessary to open a position. Through Tradecoin24's trading accounts, investors in cryptocurrencies on the spot market can readily hedge their short-term cryptocurrency holdings with a small amount of capital.

In order to mitigate the market's volatility and seize more profit opportunities, it is necessary to hedge against potential risks. In addition, Tradecoin24 offers a range of leverage ratios to accommodate traders with a range of trading approaches, from conservative to aggressive. Specifically, the combination of high leverage and low threshold trading methods enhances the time efficacy of trading, thereby enhancing the entertainment value of trading.

Bitcoin's representation of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market has just surpassed its fifth year. Similar to information technology, the Internet, artificial intelligence, and other forms of technological innovation throughout the centuries, the enormous bubble that accompanied the introduction of the new technology burst abruptly within the first five years. During this time, Tradecoin24 arose alongside the bursting of bubbles, realistic business growth, and the emergence of genuine industrial opportunities.

Tradecoin24 is dedicated to becoming the world's foremost professional provider of financial services for digital assets. Provide tools for user groups to make it simpler for them to cross the blockchain threshold, so that a broader range of individuals can have direct access to blockchain and cryptocurrency, and provide more user-friendly blockchain application directions in a variety of fields. This is a distributed ledger technology. Future growth is predicted for the practical field; cultivate the soil and establish a foundation!

Detailed Accounts

In the realm of online trading, knowledge is power times two. Our Guided Accounts service provides our clients with financial education and customized investment strategies to help them make the most profitable market investments and make the best decisions.